Interplay, Crash Symbols (USA) Cassette

Interplay, No Exist (Mtl) Limited Lathe Cut Vinyl


YlangYlang 7”, Personal Records


A Certain Distance, ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ (Russia)

Long Winter, Self-released live recording


Life Without Structure, Crash Symbols (USA)

Dialectics, Self-released


No Exist (Feel Special), Carpi Records (France)

full moon solo piano, Phinery (Denmark)

Mutualism, Illuminated Paths (USA)

Studies in Trance, Arachnidics Records (Toronto, ON)

You might want to burn some sage, Hidden Temple Records (USA)


Am I being Overdramatic?, Inyrdisk (Toronto, ON) and Ailanthus Recordings (USA)

Blossom, Lava Church (USA)

Tender Freaky Sexy Moments, Jeunesse Cosmique (Montreal)

Pyramid Island / Parallel Beaches, But Feel Hypnotized (Montreal)


Neopaganism for teenage wanderers (split with Echo Beach), Jeunesse Cosmique (Montreal)

Echo Systems, Jeunesse Cosmique (Montreal)

Last Night Utopian Reveries Overpowered Me, Lava Church (USA)

Cottonhead see-er, Personal Archives (USA)

Perdu dans l’Abysse, 1989 (split w/ Hazy Montagne Mystique / Velvet Glacier / Téléphone Maison), La Cohu (Victoriaville)


Tune your eyes to kaleidoscopic vision, Jeunesse Cosmique (Montreal)

Coastal heaven, Jeunesse Cosmique (Montreal)

Confusion Canyon, Jeunesse Cosmique (Montreal)

House Plants to Grow If You Have No Sun, Everything is Chemical (USA)




YlangYlang & Così e Così  7”, Personal Records (Hamilton)


The Process Itself, on A Thousand Tones Vol. 2, Elestial Sound (USA)

Isness, Isness, Crash Symbols (USA)

Yearning, on Touched By an Angle Vol. 2, Crash Symbols (USA)

I’m Gone, on Personal Moments Vol.1, Personal Records (Hamilton)

Destroy Everything You Want To, on Year 1 (QB002), Quiet Bedrooms (Toronto)

Les Yeux (w/ Jessica Moss, Robin Wattie (BIG|BRAVE), Ora Cogan, Joni Void and Joni Sadler (Visuals))

Heartswell with Inner Travels


Hejira, Joni Mitchell Remix, Self-Released

Serpent Symbolism on Farewell, Atrium Tapes (USA)

Storm Remix for AF85, Genot Center (Czech Republic)

Erased Footsteps, on self-identified non-male artists making experimental electronic music, Hylé Tapes (France)

The Dream, on New Interpretations of Music by Arvo Part inspired by David Lynch’s film EraserheadObsolete Media Objects (USA)

Like two bodies made of wet sand, on World’s Ambiant, Onmyōdō Cassette (USA)


Golden Teachers (split with Inner Travels), in collaboration w/ Celine Bion, Fluere Tapes (Sweden)

Ylang Ylang & Così e Così present The Science of Separation, Moldy Pizza Records (USA) 

Ylang Ylang & Così e Così present The Craft of Coupling, Ailanthus Recordings (USA)

L’électrique brulant (live improvisation project w/Stefan Christoff)

Silver Shadow Counsel (live improvisation for a movie score w/Stefan Christoff, Amir Amiri and Shota Nakamura)

First Contact remix for Golden Living Room on Post-Internet Remixes, Phinery (Denmark)

R U REAL, THROWING FRIES (EP), self-released


☾ r e m i x e d ☽, Phinery (Denmark)

Sea Nymph Science, I do the Beats, I do the Rosary, Phinery (Denmark)

A Sacred Cloud, A Sacred Cloud / Anarchist Mountains // EP cosmique, Howl Arts Creative & Jeunesse Cosmique

Supercooling, Wild Blue Yonder, But Feel Hypnotized (Montreal)


R U REAL, R U REAL, Inyrdisk (Toronto, ON)


A Sacred Cloud, Ensoleillé, 1972, Jeunesse Cosmique (LP) & Arachnidiscs Recordings (Toronto, ON) (Cassette)

Sea Nymph Science, Multicoloured Sugar//Rushed Fantasies, self-released


* (Picture : Christian Michael Filardo, New Mexico)