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Catherine Debard has roots in Montreal’s experimental music scene, a community in which she has been actively involved for several years. Under the moniker YlangYlang, a solo project she has developed since 2012, she has released records internationally on labels such as Crash Symbols (USA), Phinery (DK), Fluere Tapes (SE) and ΠΑΝΘΕΟΝ (RU). She has also created and produced video game soundtracks for Montreal artist Palgal, audio hypnosis sessions for Ascension Hypnosis, she has presented an audio installation at Centre Clark, Montreal, and has given many creative music workshops. Debard has toured extensively in Canada, and has performed at international music festivals including Suoni Per Il Popolo, Mutek Montreal, Electric Eclectics, Strangewaves, Tone Deaf. In 2019, she was part of Red Bull Music Academy at the National Music Center, in Calgary and will participate in a workshop with Suzanne Ciani in November 2019. Her next album will come out in January 2020.

(A few reviews for Life Without Structures)

“Montreal-based artist Catherine Debard . . . has a particular affection for music as an experiential medium. To her, it’s a melodic liquid capable of transferring memories and thoughts from one person to another in an incredibly intimate manner. It can be less about the concrete structure of each track and more about the emotions behind each tick, whir and electronic transmission. She suggests that these electronic sounds might possess an inherent humanity that allows them to work their roots deep into our subconsciouses without us even realizing it. She’s spent the past few years creating a history of releases that speak to this very concept in a real and meaningful way . . . She elicits a certain pop consciousness that retains its hold on you long after the music has grown quiet. It’s more than a little miraculous.” – Nooga

“…consistently fantastic . . . a thoughtful and introspective take on new age pop.” – Silent Shout

“…this is a great record. From the first artful beats and echoing vocals of ‘Uncertain Landscapes,’ you can tell this sparse set of recordings is going to hit deep and stay there for a while. YlangYlang’s tones wash over the weathered ears of the listener, with a voice that seems half-caring, half-babbling.” – Grayowl Point

“You take the abstract with the concrete… one informs the other, everyone’s happy in the end. Debard’s attention to melody, while set adrift in a sea of at-times formless mood, is the key grounding point to Life Without Structure, an anchor holding the listener in place as the sea of tone shifts around them.” – Cassette Gods

“Fell in love with this tape immediately. Split evenly between propulsive drum machine rhythms and hazy ambience, the album is perfectly sequenced. What I imagine the soundtrack to a hypnotherapy appointment would sound like. Gentle vocals float above washes of synths, the lyrics hinting at self-discovery and ego-critique.” – Your Record Collection Sucks