How do we experience change? How do we cope with insecurity and challenges? What makes us pursue our personal growth through this uncomfortable process? Having recently moved provinces, Catherine Debard (YlangYlang) recorded five conversations on these subjects with people who are part of her ‘new’ life. Their answers were mixed with musical pieces she created that emerged from her own experience of transformative process. She then transferred the five tracks onto separate tapes and created situations in which each cassette was altered in different ways. She wore a cassette tape on her body for 24 hours/day for two weeks. She buried another in her garden for a month. Through these poetic actions, the artist hoped to imbue these tapes with a part of her life, and to add layers of affect to the sound object.

As a result, the public will discover an audio superposition of different layers of transformation, both auditory and conceptual. These have been meticulously archived in a note book to enrich the listener’s experience. This project is an intimate study on the way people inhabit and shape their inner-world. It is presented at Centre CLARK in the form of an installation where the tapes’ physical and sound alterations, and the stories they contain, are available to the public.

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